Creating value through
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Our range of services include trading/renting of commercial and residential Estate, diversifying well into domains like Healthcare and investments. We have successfully established a huge network of business associates and happy customers, providing us with the much needed support and valuable feedback.

Apart from this, as a property consultancy, we do provide expert assistance to clients on concerns regarding Estate and its associated clarifications. These services are offered based exclusively on the clients' requirement and the proposals put forward are the ones that are best suited for that specific client alone.

Some of such services are:

  • Information on property lease terms, tenure issues and contract specifications.
  • Preparation of documents on deal finalization.
  • Alternate leasing or buying options that best suit the client.
  • Details about maintenance of property and its implications.
  • Settling the terms on the taxes and dues to be paid.
  • Conducting negotiations if requested.


Our Clients